Superfurry Crazy: yarn recycle project / リサイクル毛糸でふわふわもこもこ

Hello, yarn lovers!

If you are a real yarn lover, you should own a lot of odd yarns: the rest of making your sweater, not-realized socks or gloves, forgotten seasons’ gifts….
And you must never be able to treat them as trash, they are your treasures, at least in some meanings.


Yes of course me too. As a kind of yarn-holic, craft-enthusiast, I treat a bunch of odd yarns too carefully as same as squirrels do for nuts, to bury them in my closet and get forgotten for years…..

As squirrels might be so, this weekend I suddenly recalled of my yarns and started making such a crazy yarn ball.



Okay then what should I do with it? What crocheted item could be allowed being a flood of colors itself?

I’m not sure, but how about it?
__ 2


A huge, bulky sock for using inside house, made from odd yarns. And inside of it, Superfurry!
__ 3


almost all the stitches of this crazy sock are dclp (double crochet loop stitch)s.
It might be too multi-colored, but thinking about using inside house during cold grey winter, in my opinion, it’s not too much.

I’m happy with this project of recycling yarn , and decided going to explore the see of ideas for the project. What else can be made, with this crazy muti-colored yarn ball? What do you think? I’ll report you what I com up with.


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