some information / いくつか簡単なお知らせとお願い

some information to announce!

1. amigurumi design contest voting due to Jan. 9th / amigurumipatterns.net主催の編みぐるみデザインコンテストの投票は1月9日まで!

IMG_0841 is holding an amigurumi pattern contest and now readers can vote the designs they like up to 5 works. piggiesagogo is joining this contest, the work is named “Freg, Tad, Pole and their mom”. Please go check and join the voting if you are willing to! Thank you.
Voting page here:

amigurumipatterns.netというサイトが編みぐるみのデザインコンテストを開催中です。piggiesagogoも”Freg, Tad, Pole and their mom”という作品で参加しています。1月9日まで読者による投票が行われています。好きな作品5個まで投票することができますので、よろしかったらチェックしてみてください!

2. World Amigurumi Exhibition media exposure / 世界編みぐるみ展メディア露出

World Amigurumi Exhibition is to be held till Feb 28, and some media introduce this exhibit on their pages. Here are some links:


Lion Brand Yarns

3. RESOBOX is invited to Vogue Knitting LIVE / Vogue Knitting LIVEにRESOBOXが参加します

RESOBOX, the gallery holding World Amigurumi Exhibiton, is invited to join one of the biggest knitting / crocheting festivals in the world, called Vogue Knitting Live held in the central New York, Times Square on January 16-18. We will have a pop-up Amigurumi booth out there with about 50 pieces from the exhibit (we decide which pieces we are showing out of 4,000 pieces. ). Also, RESOBOX (me and Helen who made Mookie) will provide a 45 minutes lecture to audience about Amigurumi. Some of the 50 pieces will be featured in the presentation as well.

世界編みぐるみ展を開催しているギャラリーRESOBOXがVogue Knitting LIVEというイベントに出展するそうです。世界最大級の編み物フェスティバルだそうで、いつか行ってみたい!今年は1月の16日から18日までだそうです。もうすぐですね。もしお近くの方がいらっしゃればぜひ覗いてみてください!

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